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Our Authors


Clara W. Barrow

Clara W. Barrow lives in the metropolitan Chicago area with her husband and two children. A fine art photographer, former marketing executive, and upcoming author, she spends a significant amount of her free time writing gay romance stories that focus on first times, friends becoming lovers, and healthy relationships. When not writing, she likes to travel to faraway lands, obsessively read fanfiction, binge-watch TV, and take long naps in sunny spots. Although previously published under a different name, Just Like That (Gone and Changed) and Everywhere With You are her first works for Carnation Books. Her next projects include a sequel to Everywhere With You and a love story about gay emperor penguins.


Gretchen Evans

Gretchen Evans is a married, bisexual, cis woman living in North Carolina. Her day job involves figuring out the best way to ask people questions they don't want to answer. In the evenings, she does hot yoga and watches any TV show that can be read as queer-coded. She only drinks beer disguised as root beer and her perfect Sunday involves half-listening to an NFL game as she reads a book. Though she has been writing fan fiction for more than a decade, her upcoming novel How to Talk to Nice English Girls is her first original work. She plans to continue writing queer romance with engaging characters, sexy times, and feelings. 

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Jayne Evanstan

Jayne Evanstan is a fanfiction addict-turned-author that enjoys writing sweet, sexy stories that are light on angst, heavy on smut, and infused with humor all from the comfort of her favorite coffee house booth.  The hot, gay characters at the heart of her tales are all but guaranteed the happy ending—literally and figuratively—they (and the readers) want and deserve.

When she isn’t busy writing, Jayne enjoys cooking, crafting, attending comic cons, singing karaoke, and exercising.  In fact, the idea for her first published novel Trained on You was born during one of Jayne’s regular runs on a health club treadmill.  Talk about fitspiration!

Jayne lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her amazing husband and two wonderful children and is hard at work on a new slate of hot, happy stories featuring smart, sexy men.


Amy Murphy

Amy Murphy wrote her first fanfic in 2012 and never looked back. A prolific crafter, she enjoys making dolls and putting together costumes for community theater. Recently she discovered that weaving fiber is as much fun as weaving stories, acquired a variety of looms, and can often be found making scarves, table runners, and inkle bands.

Amy makes her home in the Minneapolis area with her husband, daughters, and far more pets than is reasonable.

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Ruby Popovich

Ruby Popovich is a scientist by day and a writer in her off time. Her foray into writing is fairly recent; after many years of grad school were over, she used her spare time to get involved in fandom and dip her fingers into writing. After starting to write fanfiction a couple of years ago, she hasn't looked back. Her favourite genres to write are explicit romance and character-driven science fiction. Her yet-untitled slice-of-life gay BDSM romance will be her first original novel, and she hopes that others will follow! Besides writing, Ruby enjoys doing martial arts and cosplaying.


Elyssa Warkentin

Elyssa Warkentin is a Canadian writer, editor, reader, scholar, and fan. She received a PhD in Victorian literature in 2007 from the University of Alberta, and taught in Ankara, Turkey (Bilkent University) and Doha, Qatar (University of Calgary-Qatar) before settling down in her hometown of Winnipeg with her partner and two sons. She now works in research admin at the University of Manitoba, and writes and edits books and fan fiction. She's particularly fond of the nineteenth century, women's writing, fan cultures, queer literature, and crime fiction. She goes by doctornerdington in fan circles. 

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Berlynn Wohl

At a convention in 2016, watching a docudrama featuring a tense encounter between a government agent and a UFO witness, Berlynn Wohl leaned over and whispered to her friend, “I ship it.” Moments later, it occurred to her: that story should be told. From there, like a snowball rolling down an alien structure on a distant planet far from the warmth of its sun, Oh,
took shape.

Whether it was obsessing over The Real Ghostbusters as a child, or devouring the work of Harlan Ellison as an adolescent, Berlynn Wohl has always been fascinated with worlds of limitless possibility. In Oh, Earthman, she explores what happens when love and lust are not bound by time or space.

Berlynn Wohl divides her time between Seattle and the Internet. 

C. L. Beaumont

C. L. Beaumont received her B.A. in South Asian Linguistics and Art History from the University of California, Berkeley, and now serves coffee in the wee hours of the morning until she can race home each day to dive into her true love: writing. When she isn't hiking or checking another National Park off her list, she enjoys devouring crime fiction, cooking new vegetarian recipes, and trying to complete jigsaw puzzles while she slowly works her way through Rupert Graves' entire filmography. C. L. Beaumont lives near the Washington mountains with her gorgeous forest ranger partner and their child—er, poodle. 

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Sara Dobie Bauer

Sara Dobie Bauer is a bestselling author, model, mental health speaker, and LGBTQ advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. Twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, she lives with her hottie husband and two precious pups in Northeast Ohio, although she'd really like to live in a Tim Burton film. She is author of the Bite Somebody series and Escape Trilogy, among other sexy things. Learn more at

Irene Toussaint

Irene Toussaint lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, child, cat, and dog. Sometimes mass hysteria ensues. Irene began writing in 2014, and short stories are her specialty. Her first piece will be published this spring.

When she isn’t writing, she’s a voracious reader, of both published works and fan fiction, as well as an avid moviegoer and costumer. She was a nerd before they started calling it geeky, lettering in band and quiz bowl in high school, and still embraces her nerdiness. Her other hobbies include making liqueurs, experimental mixology to find ways (excuses) to drink those liqueurs, and adding chili powder to almost everything.

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Storm Caywood

Storm Caywood is a queer, wlw writer living in the Great Lakes region with her family, partner, and pets. Her writing career started with distributing her girl-detective stories to friends in the third grade.  Alien Hands is her first published work. When she isn’t writing, you can find her reading, picking up rocks and sea glass, and swooning over Star Trek.

Starlight Barque

Starlight Barque has been dabbling in the creative arts for most of her life.  When not writing gay erotic fiction, she can be found tinkering with her impressive collection of musical instruments, stopping to pet strange dogs on the street, and pondering tidbits on tumblr such as “when robots take over the world, will the revolution be fought in captchas?“ She plays a mean game of classic 80s Mario Brothers, binge-watches science fiction like a pro, and is hopeless at Cards Against Humanity. Service to the State is her first work for Carnation Books, and she is hard at work on a new femslash apocalypse romance.

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