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Kindle Unlimited

Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited

It's Netflix for Books!

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that lets you read as many Kindle books as you want, every month, for less than ten bucks a month. There are literally thousands of gay romance novels waiting for you, including all of Carnation Books' titles! To discover more and get a 30-day free trial of all the books you care to read, click the button below or click here! Authors get paid for each page you read, so enjoy a smorgasbord of gay romance novels and rest easy knowing that you're supporting your favorite authors by reading their books on Kindle Unlimited!


But I don't Have a Kindle!

Never fear, intrepid reader! There are several options available to you.

All smartphones have free Kindle apps available on their respective stores! These apps turn your phone into a Kindle, so you can read books anywhere, anytime! Click the banner to be directed to the app store for your phone, or click here!

Plus, all Kindle books can be read on your computer, similar to reading fic (but with page turns!). Visit on your computer to read Kindle books online, or to save Kindle books for offline reading on your computer.


Maybe I should get a Kindle after all...

An excellent decision! The Carnation Books staff pick for dedicated Kindle device is the Kindle Paperwhite, which starts at $99 and has a built-in light that makes it perfect for reading gay romance in bed, on a plane at night, while spelunking, or anywhere else that you'd need a book to light itself.