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Just Like That

Just Like That (Gone and Changed)

Sam and Will grew up on neighboring farms in a small Midwest town and have been inseparable since the day they were born.

They've shared everything in each other's lives--they’ve worked the farms and gone to school together, had countless weekend sleepovers at each other’s homes, and spent their summers swimming in the local quarry, driving the back lanes in Will’s pickup truck, and watching late night movies. 

But everything Sam knew is turned on its head one day when Will shows up at school grown from a boy to a man. Sam can’t help but notice the differences in his best friend’s maturing body and realizes that he has more than platonic feelings for his childhood pal. 

He’s gone and fallen in love with his best friend.

Afraid of giving himself away and facing the humiliation of rejection, Sam goes to college and puts as much distance as he can between the two of them. 

Now they’re both home for Thanksgiving break, and Will refuses to accept Sam’s continued brush-offs and excuses. Demanding answers for Sam’s silence, Will pushes against every one of Sam’s defenses until the situation comes to a heated head...

The steamy debut novella from Clara W. Barrow and Carnation Books will make your Kindle screen fog up, leaving you breathless for the novel-length sequel Everywhere With You, available now!

Just Like That (Gone and Changed)
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Advance readers are raving about Just Like That (Gone and Changed)...

"Your writing is incandescent and really wakes the cortex, bringing vivid flashes of memory and chains of images and feelings." - DaringD

"I am entranced, delighted, bowled over, sucked in to this hot, clammy world of farms and old Ford trucks and cornfields and two best friends growing up together and falling in love … You paint amazing pictures, and capture such love and desire." - Geometry

"I have nothing to say except that I want it to be a movie. Someone please. Make this a movie. I would watch it every day." - May_Shepard

"I read this story and loved it. Then, the next day, I was still thinking about it. I had to reread very slowly. Even better. Overall, this was lovely, angsty, pining, sexy goodness, and you packed so much story into relatively few words. I was right with you on all the sensuous details like the scents and textures. Just great." - Book7BrokeMyBrain

"I don't even know where to even begin with this beautiful story. The imagery in this beautiful story was perfection. Phenomenal work." - Happierstill

"OMG - this is incredible. This. This story. Oh my. You capture so much of the sensual and tactile world, capture the magic of a first love, and that angst and wanting and changing of young adulthood." - alexxphoenix42

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