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Puss In Heels

Puss in Heels

by Aysha U. Farah

Milz Ottawa is screwed…

When his wealthy Aunt Amanda dies, Milz is sure his inheritance will be the key to getting himself into the easy life. No more crappy jobs. No more debt. No more threats from greasy crime bosses.

He has it all figured out, until his inheritance turns out to be nothing but a busted sexbot with cat ears and no feet. Seriously. Milz leaves the dusty storage facility with a broken droid and nothing left to hope for.

Then, newly equipped with a set of red-high-heeled feet, the droid does something unexpected. It does the one thing a droid shouldn't be able to disobeys.

Milz realizes then that the bot just may be the most valuable thing his aunt could have left him, after all...