fandom first



by T.W. Talent

Memories are everything…

Alex needs the knowledge in his head to avoid getting caught committing various cyber crimes and to keep on the move, or else he will suffer at the mercy of the Security Office that holds sway over the city.

Getting his memories swapped with security guard Tristan's after an accident with an outdated memory scanner is the absolute worst thing that could happen. Horrified, furious, and moments away from getting caught and arrested, Alex makes the snap decision to take Tristan with him to search for a solution. Together, they escape the scene of Alex's crime, their swapped memories swirling together as they go.

Keeping Tristan at arm's length is hard enough as their memories mix. Being around a stranger who instantly knows you--and many of your faults--better than most of your friends do is unsettling. Alex hates it. He hates Tristan. But the more time they spend together, working toward fixing their memories and learning more about each other while they do, the more Alex finds himself growing attached.

By the time Alex and Tristan put their memories back where they belong, they may have so many shared ones that leaving each other behind is impossible.

But a hacker and an officer of the security forces?


That's impossible.

Isn't it?