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Dreams and Machines

Dreams and Machines: more weird M/M tales

by Berlynn Wohl


Go on another journey with Berlynn Wohl…

Arriving on an alien world to negotiate a trade deal, Shane discovers that Earth has another commodity that his hosts desperately crave...

Drake throws a party for time-travelers: the invitations will only go out after the event. But then someone knocks on the door...

Jac has two lovers, one a cop, one a criminal. Getting off the wretched outpost he calls home in the midst of a galactic war means leaving one of them behind...

It all happens in Berlynn Wohl's second anthology of tantalizing sci-fi weirdness, Dreams and Machines.

Experience thrilling tales of exotic aliens, fall in love with a mad scientist, and find yourself riveted by robotic passion. If you have a taste for the extraordinary and the extraterrestrial, you'll discover weird and wonderful fascination inside these pages.

Readers are raving about Berlynn Wohl's first book, Oh, Earthman!:
“Amazing. Amazingly filthy, amazingly funny - everything.” - grassle
"There’s something here for almost any lover of man, robot, or alien." - Jo Hamilton
"Fun and quirky, this collection of stories runs the gambit between ancient Gods, space travelers, and secret aliens - all wrapped up with a big erotic bow." - alexxcz
"Gets right to dicks touching and never stops." - Matthew Moloney